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China Brewer Yeast

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Brewer yeasts
FADA brewer yeast (Alcohol Yeast), a kind of bio-product, it is popular for its high thermal tolerance (the main fermentation temperature ranges from 32 to 42°C), acid tolerance (PH2.5), alcohol tolerance (13%), sugar tolerance (60% glucose), high alcohol yielding rate, low residual sugar and non-acid yielding.
It is designed for the fermentation of corn, rice, cassava and other starch or molasses to produce alcohol or liquor. It helps to simlify the formula, decrease the investment, control the cost and to improve the performance.
This series is divided into Normal-Thermal(the best temperature to be 32-35°C)and Thermal-Tolerant(the best termperature to be 38-40°C) Brewing and Alcohol Yeast according to its thermal tolerance.
Brewing Characteristics of "FADA" Brewer Yeast (Alcohol Yeast):
1. Yeast fermentation temperature: 8-20°C;
2. Fermentation degree: 60-66%;
3. Speed of lowering the sugar degree:
(1) 12°C, 7 days, 9.8Bx-4.0Bx;
(2) 15°C, 4 days, 9.8Bx-4.0Bx;
(3) 20°C, 1 day, 9.8Bx-4.5Bx;
4. Strong diacetyl reduction capability, so resulting beers are tastier.
Usage of "FADA"Brewer yeast (Alcohol Yeast):
1. Rehydration activation:
(1) Dissolve our yeast in beer wort (the wort should satisfy the following conditions: sugar degree: 5-6Bx; temperature: 30-32°C; volume: 5-10 times of the volume of dry yeast;);
(2) 1.5-2 hours later, put the wort mixture into fermentation vessel.
2. Used in beer houses:
(1) When the fermentation starting temperature is above 15°C, the recommended dosage of dry yeast is 0.03%;
and generally in 36-48 hours, when the sugar degree reduced to 4.5Bx, pressure keeping should begin.
Note: When the temperature is 15°C, FADA brewer yeast can directly used for beer fermentation without rehydration activation.
(2) When the fermentation starting temperature is 11°C, the dosage of dry yeast is 0.04%; and pressure keeping usually start in 48-72 hours.
(3) When the fermentation starting temperature is 8-9°C, the dosage of dry yeast is 0.05%; and the sugar degree can be reduced to 4.5Bx in 5-7 days.
3. Used in brewery: beer yeast spread cultivation is adopted
(1) The beer yeast spread cultivation should begin from 25°C; and then the temperature should be lowered gradually (generation by generation) to maintain beer yeasts' productive trait.
(2) The ideal spread cultivation rate is 1: 5 with an inoculation concentration of 1.0×107--1.5×107 cells/ml.
(3) During production period, the ideal inoculation concentration of canful yeast is 1.0×107-1.2×107 cells/ml; and the second to the fourth generation beer yeast is the beat choice for beer fermentation.
(4) Yeast recovery:
Low temperature (about 0°C) recovery of medium layer beer yeast is the best. These yeasts have lower mortality and stronger vitality. (Note that the storage time should be no more than 3 days.)
Specifications of "FADA" Brewer Yeast (Alcohol Yeast):
1. Quality Index:
Item Index
Appearance Milky white; rod-like small particles
Moisture: ≤6%
Total yeast cells: ≥200
Total As: ≤2.0 mg/kg
Pb: ≤2.0 mg/kg
Pathogens: Negative
2. Packaging:
(1) Packing: Vacuum foil wrapping;
3. Shelf life:
18 months in dry and cool places;China Brewer Yeast

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