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PVC Pre-insulated Fittings suppliers

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Xiamen UNT Duct Material Co., Ltd. was established by several co-founders who have more than 10 years experience in PU & PIR Foam Industry. It is conveniently located in the beautiful seaside city of Xiamen, China. We specialize in the research and manufacturing of UNTDuct polyurethane (PU) / polyisocyanurate (PIR) System for HVAC air distribution and PU insulation boards for building.
UNTDuct System is like no other insulated ductwork system. It is the most advanced and innovative system of pre-insulated air distribution ductwork available in China. The UNTDuct System is proven to be innovative product that is easy to install and maintain providing a new perspective in the field of air distribution.
UNT provides specialized and comprehensive training programs to appointed distributors and clients in order to ensure that their fabricators carry out the fabrication of UNTDuct Pre–insulated Ducting System for any Project directly at site, assuring fast and more accurate execution of duct installation requirements. UNT also provides technical support to appointed distributors and clients in order to ensure its satisfaction throughout the consistent quality of ducting fabrication and installations supplied.
UNTDuct Factory’s Equipment

UNT’s CertificatePVC Pre-insulated Fittings suppliers

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