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PVC Celuka Foam Board suppliers

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Expanded pvc board is the new man-made material, the main component is PVC, it has the fine chemical stability, anti-corrosive and high intensity, it can be the substitute of wood, it is widely used in the building, advertisement and decoration.
1. Fire retardant and self extinguishing.
2. Moisture-resistant, mildew proof, rot proof, low water absorption.
3. Non-decormation, color fastness for a very long time.
4. Sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation and heat preservation.
5. Easily to put protective film on one or two sides.
6. Smooth surface and suitable for silk-screen printing, laser engraving(must clean the surface before printing).
1. Advertising Signs, billboards, displays, exhibition stands.
2. Architecture, indoor and outdoor decoration.
3. Furniture, kitchen & bathroom cabinet.  
4. Walls & partitions, wall cladding.
5. Poolside furniture, swimming pool floor planking.
6. Chemical industry and laboratory equipment.
7. Apparatus, container & machine construction.
8. Interior scaleboard for boat & ship, vehicle, train. PVC Celuka Foam Board suppliers

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