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CNC Turret Turning Lathe Free Sample

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Product introduction:
CNC46B is Horizontal Turret CNC Lathe, spindle servo motor using Mitsubishi of Japan's servo motor. Rear block center is adjustable X, Y and Z direction, speed may be reduced before thimble gets into the workpiece, which prevents expansion of central hole or deviation. Spindle with Taiwan's high-precision spindle, containing three pairs of high-precision FAG / NSK precision bearings, suitable for processing high hardness, large cutting parts, it has high precision and stability advantages, the product applications and auto parts, motorcycle accessories, Medical equipment, motor shaft near the electronics industry, lighting hardware, household appliances, furniture hardware accessories.

Product parameters:
Max.swing diameter(mm)310
Max.cutting length(mm)255
Max.process diameter(mm)φ160
Chuck Size6"
Spindle speed(r/min)0-4500
Main axis power(KW)5.5
Spindle bore(mm)φ56
Auto feeding max.diameter(mm)φ42
X/Z axis fast moving speed(m/min)18
X/Z axis Repetitive positioning accuracy(mm)0.003 / 0.003
Card position size(mm)≤0.003
Hydraulic tail stroke(mm)180
Handle size(mm)20x20
Boring size(mm)Φ20
Change knife mannerRandom
Adjacent change knife time(s)0.35

Product features:
1. High precision, high stability, strong vibration resistance
2. Inverter-fed motor is used for the main shaft
3. Taiwan high-precision spindle
4. Can use φ160 three-Jaw hydraulic chuck
5. Taiwan HIWIN/PMI high precision Class P3 ball-bearing screw rod
6. Japan Mitsubishi E60 System
7. Taiwan famous Lio Shing hydraulic tool turret is used as tool change system
8. Adjacent tool change time 0.35 seconds
8. The machine tool has square rail structure
9. Rear block is of tool carriage direct moving type
10. Mold-type material
Product detail:
Certificate of quality:
Our Service:
Q: minimum order quantity
A: 1 SET
Q: delivery time
A: the delivery time will be confirmed by different machines with different configurations. Some models are in the store. Some models take about two months.
Q: warranty period
A: from the date of bill of lading, the company implements after-sales service. The warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, our company will provide replacement parts free of charge if the parts or damage are caused by the quality of the machine. At the same time, the machine should be provided by the buyer according to the operation procedure (except for improper operation or man-made damage by the buyers).
Q: payment time
A: we like to make 100% T/T.
Production workshop:
The existing machinery production staff of more than 60 people,Research and development staff 10 people, Accessories production staff more than 30 people, Professional after-sales service staff of 10 people, Mainly for mechanical design,Electrical control, Software control, Professional talents in after-sales service and other fields. Has a number of independent innovation technology, Multiple patented technologies. Company production workshop area of more than 6000 square meters, Accessories processing workshop more than 2000 square meters, Office area more than 1000 square meters; In order to ensure the accuracy of important parts, The establishment of internal processing workshop, an area of more than 1000 square meters.
Packaging Details:
Plastic stretch film for the first layer, EPE packaging film for the second layer, and packing with wooden case at last, together with pallet on the bottom of wooden box.
Standard export port:
Shunde or Shenzhen
Packing scene picture
Our Customers:
Contact Us:
TEL: +86 18923291668
Address: NO.4-7, Xingye 3rd Road, Guanglong Industrial Park, Chencun, Shunde District, Foshan CityCNC Turret Turning Lathe Free Sample

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